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BTD Inc. highlights and advocates for multiple social causes; However, the following causes are the pillars of most of our advocacy strategies. Help us make a difference by doing different and get involved.


All over the US, local governments are trying to increase educational programs that focus on workforce development in both secondary and postsecondary education. The purpose of education and workforce development is to create a direct supply of an array of professionals through programs that will allow students to get the education and/or training to thrive within these fields. Unfortunately, low income communities have little to none integrated systems of postsecondary education and workforce systems. BTD Inc. thrives to provide students from low income communities with the proper resources and/or help find opportunities to establish successful integrated systems of postsecondary education and workforce systems.


The health of college students is an emerging concern that has recently raised public and political attention. The emerging concern about the health of post-secondary students is affecting the United States as a whole. More specifically, many undergraduate students struggle with mental health and substance abuse. Research shows that low-income students show an increased risk of mood, anxiety, and substance disorders, as well as other health issues. Students looking for medical care face out-of-state insurance conflicts, a lack of transportation, high-cost health insurance, and expensive medical bills. BTD Inc. is dedicated to advocating for a future that prioritizes accessibility and affordability to better health care for all post-secondary students.


People of the LGBTQIA+ community are an essential part of society. Over 10 million Americans identify as LGBTQIA+ . BTD Inc. promises to ensure LGBTQIA+ visibility & affirmation, advance Equity & Inclusion for Transgender & Gender Nonconforming People, and provide resources to affirming mental health services.


Everyone deserves access to clean air and safe drinking water. However, systemic racism and underinvestment have placed low-income residents and people of color on the frontlines of environmental challenges. People who live in communities impacted by pollution and environmental degradation can remain trapped in those areas because of cyclical poverty.  BTD Inc. will help inform undergraduate students on how to support communities that may be experiencing poverty and pollution.

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Our Social Justice and Advocacy team spearheads our advocacy strategies here at BTD Inc. If you are interested in getting involved please explore our current strategic measures or email us at

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