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Music: The Key to Productivity

“Music activates both sides of your brain at the same time! Studies have shown this allows for maximized learning and improved memory.”- FNU

Distractions are a part of your everyday routines that can be a bit distracting. It’s hard to focus on anything when there’s so much happening around us.

Music can help overcome these sidetracks, allowing productivity to thrive in your work environment. Different genres have certain benefits that can motivate you in your activities, whether cleaning around the house or studying for a big test.

However, music affects everyone differently. What works for us may not work for you, and that’s okay! Figuring out what music works best for you is another step in learning more about yourself.

Is It Effective?

Depending on how it affects your focus, what kind of music you decide to indulge in can and will help or harm you. You wouldn’t want to listen to pop music while writing a report on a book you just read because that seems like too many words floating around in your head.

Your time is essential, so making the music you choose count can help prevent any additional wasted time that you’ll lose already due to Twitter notifications. Thanks to Spotify, many genres are dedicated to your productivity needs, whether for studying or getting that job taken care of.

However, if you’re getting tired of listening to “rain falling in the forest” or “Beethoven,” we don’t blame you because music burnout is a thing that happens. When faced with being fatigued by a specific playlist or genre, switch to more enjoyable music for the time being!

Different Music Types

The following music genres are proven ways to help you focus the best on whatever task you have to accomplish for the day:

  • Classical – It’s a classic for recommended genres to have on your playlist for it’s one of the best music for productivity.

This lyric less ensemble will accompany you while you’re studying or just trying to focus on your day job. This genre has been reported to help you improve your mood and increase productivity.

  • Sounds of Nature – This genre is an alternative for those who aren’t a fan of classical but still want to enjoy sounds without lyrics! This could consist of different sounds such as rainfall, thunder, forest, and so on.

Reports have shown that it can help you focus and stay engaged in whatever you’re working on. This is perfect because of its calming aspect to the nature music that enables you to focus.

  • Instrumental Ambient Sounds – This combines instruments and modern sounds that can spice up your typical productivity music. This genre can give you a little more updated feel to your sound and allow you to focus still.

This type of music is perfect for around the house regardless of what task you need to work on or even around the office. Due to this, it can still promote your focus and upbeat productiveness.

  • Chill Hip Hop – This genre is a version of a fan favorite of hip hop except with minimal lyrics involved. That way, it won’t be as distracting compared to other types of hip hop.

A more relaxed version of this allows you to focus, concentrate better, and remain calm as you’re working on anything. This genre is most popular amongst students looking to study.

Playlists Make Life Easier

These are just a few examples of genres that have been shown to help promote productivity and boost your motivation in anything you choose.

These genres can be found on different streaming platforms, like Spotify, which has pre-made playlists to help you focus. However, you can always form your own playlists to your liking. It's a domino effect when you’re enjoying the music you’re listening to since this can cause you to feel happier and create momentum!

Productivity is a goal everyone in our society aims to achieve, but sometimes it can be hard to figure out where to build a space to promote it within yourself.

Thanks to music, it can be an important tool to help you stay focused on what matters most in your life so that you can stay on top of things!


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