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Fall Into a Great Semester

As we all are either returning to school for yet another semester or are embarking on our very first semester, it will be easy for us to become overwhelmed by the amount of coursework we have quickly. As students, we often forget the importance of knowing what to expect going into the semester, getting involved on campus, and setting aside time to do things they enjoy.

It is crucial to have a solid start to the semester, as it can be a strong determinant of the outcome of the entire semester. Two factors that greatly contribute to a lower rate of both stress and burnout are getting organized as early as possible and creating a healthy balance between school and personal life. College can be extremely overwhelming at points, so it is crucial to try and remain as balanced as possible as much as possible. College is not only a time for growing academically, but most people also learn a lot about themselves during their undergraduate experience, which occurs both inside and outside of the classroom. Read below to learn more about strategies to have your best semester yet!

Factors to consider to assure a productive and enjoyable semester

Get Organized.

Start your semester off strong by adequately preparing for classes! Looking at your syllabi before or during the first week of classes will let you know what to expect for the upcoming semester. Keep track of important dates and deadlines using a physical or digital planner to stay on top of your classes. If you have any questions, meet with your professors to avoid any confusion or mixups!

Get Involved.

Finding school-related activities outside of academics can significantly improve school-life balance. Check out your college’s student org fairs to see what programs there are, and you may find one of common interest. Also, check out other campus events that the school is offering. Doing so may show you other resources that the school is offering! Schools often share these opportunities on their social media, bulletin boards in student-centered areas, and websites!

Have Fun!

Making time for activities you enjoy outside of academics will create a positive mental space. Starting this habit at the beginning of the semester will make it easier as midterms and finals come around. By dedicating time in your schedule to take a break and do fun activities, you can enjoy yourself without the guilt of feeling as though you need to do work. Designate time in the semester to hang with friends, journal, exercise, explore your school’s city, or anything else you may enjoy!

For More Tips and Tricks on how to start your semester off right, check out these additional resources!


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